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Handmade silk knitting.

This item is handmade and treated individually in order to achieve the highest quality.

No mechanical tools were used in the making process.


Dark necklaces are always hard to find and this necklace is just beautiful and unique.
The neutral color compliments everything. Be prepared to receive compliments all the time.


Along the silk threads are hand-knitted Dark Chocolate leaves.

The necklace looks metallic but is actually made of strong silk threads which do not contain metal. That's why it's so comfortable to wear and use it like a scarf.


The length of the necklaces is About 115 cm.

The length allows for a large number of wearing options so you can always match the necklace perfectly to your outfit.

(Click here for a demo video).

Simple and convenient to use just like a scarf (no bracket).


Get compliments and amaze your friends: There are lots of different ways to wear the necklace and thus express yourself in any style you choose.


Always look your best: You can decide how you want the necklace to look at any given moment.

Open Silk Necklace - Dark Chocolate leaves

    • Silk thread color:  Bronze
    • leaves:  Dark bronze (Dark Chocolate)
    • material:  This item is made from crochet silk.
    • Length:  The length of the necklaces is About 115 cm. (Since all work is done by hand, please allow a deviation of 5 cm in this item.)


    Shipping:  Standard delivery with a tracking number usually takes about two to three weeks.


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