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How to use?... 
Just like you wear a scarf...

The length of the necklace allows you to wear it and a variety of ways and a large number of Styles... Just like you wear a scarf. If you want it long or short, you can do it with more wraps around your neck until the length is right for you... Every garment has a different neckline, and now you can fit the necklace perfectly just as you like it...


One necklace to match them all…

There are so many shapes and color combinations so each item has its own special character and you can find your favorite combination… and if you did not find what you were looking for, call us and we will make one special for you.

All the work is done by hand, so the length varies slightly from item to item and is usually between 110 cm to 120 cm (we try to aim to 115 cm).

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