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Old Jaffa Tel Aviv - ISRAEL

Silk does not contain metal at all, So silk jewelry is safe even for those with delicate skin and sensitive to irritations.

A model with a silk necklace
Inna and Anna

Silk jewelry is not just a title...

the necklace is really made of silk...

Abramson Gallery is a small handmade workshop in Old Jaffa Tel Aviv

We work with silk threads and create gold, silver or bronze necklaces. 

New silk threads change all the rules and now they look just like a gold chain. Along the silk threads we knit pearls, Swarovski crystals, various gems and leaves in gold and silver plating.

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Shadow on Concrete Wall
A model with a silk necklace
abramson gallery logo

Girl Power
A women-owned business

"The length of the necklace allows you to wear it and a variety of ways and a large number of Styles... Just like you wear a scarf. If you want it long or short, you can do it with more wraps around your neck until the length is right for you... Every garment has a different neckline, and now you can fit the necklace perfectly just as you like it..."


One necklace to match them all…

It is always difficult to find a unique gift for someone you really love and to find a gift that will always fit any outfit is an even more difficult task.
Every woman deserves to get exactly what she wants... So help us reach your friends on social media as well.

We know how to ship packages anywhere. So no matter where you are located in the world, all our packages are insured and shipped with a tracking number for maximum convenience.

Help us spread the word

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Let your friends get to know our silk jewelry.
We would greatly appreciate your help

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Inna Abramson Gallery in Old Jaffa Tel-Aviv
Also available on WhatsApp
972 522 335 997

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