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I do not know exactly when I became an artist.... Did it happen right after I created my first item? ... Did it happen only after I acquired professional knowledge? ... 

Or maybe it was only after I realized that this is my destiny in life ...

I only know that I have always loved beautiful things, checking the adjustment of different materials, play with colors and create special items.

Looking back, I realize that the quest for excellence and innovation, the insistence on precision and perfect execution, I probably received from my parents who were engineers and these values were very important to them, and today, these values serve as a torch in my life and to his light my way discovered.

Over the years I have learned and acquired experience in a wide range of techniques and materials, and I'm always happy to see new things that enrich my creative world.
My greatest teacher is nature. From nature I can get the most amazing color combinations. 

I love to stop everything, take my time and watch the wonders of nature creation.
To go outside into the country, to look at an avenue of trees and examine the various greens that hiding in them, focus at the meeting point between a leaf to a branch and absorb the dialogue between them, to see an empty field just before seeding and enjoy the complexity of the brown shades in the soil.


This inspiration and these colors I pour into my work and submit it with love to you all…


For me this is a love story. And love was the force that allowed me to change my life.
The life with Inna opened a doorway to joy and creativity, tenderness and love.
When I met Inna I was a graphic designer, and working as a professional designer was very exciting, every project was a new challenge. But after 12 years of sitting behind a computer screen, I stopped loving what I do.
as a director of the graphic department I have became more technical and I found myself moving away from the things I really loved to do.
Life with Inna, to be part of her creation changed my life, I found myself going back to the time when I made coconut jewelry on the beach in the Greek Islands. Inna connected me back to my source.

To open the gallery was a dream come true and I am fortunate to practice art with my love.

I wish you all a lot of beauty and creativity in your life and invite you all to visit us in old jaffa.

Inna Abramson in front of her shop
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