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Your look... Your decision...

Tailor-Made Orders-

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an exclusive necklace specially made for you?

We’d be honored and happy to create a handmade silk open necklace with a personal touch according to your preferences.

It's very easy and we just love it ...

All you have to do is just to imagine how you want it to look…

Choose the color of the silk thread: We use three colors, silver, gold and bronze. You have to choose one of them.

Thanks! Message sent.

Tell us what you want to see along the chain ... Do you want a more sparkly look or a quiet and romantic look ...? Are you the type of more pearls or more crystals ...?

You can choose from crystals, gems, pearls, gold and silver plated metal leaves.

Choose the overall color you want ... This can be achieved by using pearls or stones or crystals ...

Tell us what you prefer, and we will make your special wish come true…

Please contact us with any question or desire you might have, we will be happy to assist.


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3 models wearing silk jewelry against the background of the river banks
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