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At the main entrance to the Old City of Jaffa, after passing the famous clock tower and turning right towards the sea ... Right in front of the arches of the "SAVIL" (fountain / trough) of the Mahmoudia Mosque, next to the "Jerusalem Gate", you will find a 150-year-old building Unique that provides a special experience for each visitor.


The gallery showcases Inna Abramsons silk jewelry and the work of other artists taking their first steps in jewelry design.

abramson gallery street view

The gallery opened in 2012 and specializes in the production of unique silk jewelry made without metal. Over the years, the gallery has become a magnet for lovers of fashion jewelry that value high quality at a low price and especially because of the unique silk jewelry collection.

The Silk Jewelry are made without metal and is therefore are safe to use even for those who suffer from sensitive skin to metals and have a tendency to irritation and rashes .. (Link to "Jewelry without metal").

The favorite collection of silk items is the "open silk necklace" made of light and durable silk threads that look like metal but do not contain metal at all.

The "open silk necklace" can be worn like a scarf or a tie… (video link). The necklace does not have a bracket and can be worn in a lot of different ways and styles, and so you can find the perfect shape for your outfit every time again and again... just like a scarf...

All silk works are made by hand and under a strict quality control to ensure the highest quality and our customer service is always available for every request.

The color combinations and works change all the time, so there is always something new to see. All items are handmade original, and the revenue go directly to the artists to support their work.

You are welcome to visit us in the gallery ...

Russlan 6 / Tayelet Mifrazt Shlomo , at the old city of Jaffa (see our location)

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