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100% guarantee satisfaction
Life time renewal & exchange service on all silk jewelry ...

​​In a few short words ...
We want you to use our silk jewelry as much as possible and without worry's ...
So, we give you the option to renew or replace your item with a new one at a very low cost.

Silk necklace renewal - 20 USD

Silk bracelet renewal - 15 USD

Silk earring renewal (short or long) - 15 USD


Below are all the details about our special service:

Service after purchase -

We want our items to be used by you as much as possible and since the open silk necklace can be changed like a scarf and worn in a lot of ways and always adapted to each garment each time again and again…, it is great to use on any occasion (Demo video)

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have from more than ten years of working with silk threads, we know that the silk threads we use are very durable over time in daily use and constitute a perfect solution for those who suffer from sensitive skin issue.

The items are great for use anywhere, however, with frequent daily use, after a few years the silk may lose some of its beauty or even tear due to an unfortunate mistake ... In any case, no need to worry. Whatever the reason, we got your back ...


We give all our customers the option to renew their silk jewelry at any time in a very low cost and without limitation.


What exactly does the "100% guarantee satisfaction" include?

We will take the item from you, disassembled it into all its different parts, clean and replace everything that in need and of course crochet everything on a new silk... So in short, we will do everything to return it to the same new condition just as you bought it in the beginning ...

And it may be a few years will pass…  and your personal taste has also changed a bit over time ... Don't worry, you can always come with your item and at the same cost of renewal take a new one. We will take your item and replace it with a new one for you to choose from all the "open silk necklace" variety in our gallery.

Even if your place of residence is far away and you cannot physically reach the store in Old Jaffa, you can use the renewal & exchange service by mail delivery.


Service cost:

Silk necklace renewal - 20 USD

Silk bracelet renewal - 15 USD

Silk earring renewal (short or long) - 15 USD

(* The service does not include the shipping costs: the shipping cost varies according to the geographical location and the shipping method requested by the customer.)

So how the renewal & exchange service works?

If you are in the area, you are welcome to enter the gallery at any time, and If your place of residence is far from us, all you need to do is contact us by email, request a renewal & exchange service and attach a picture of the item you want to renew or replace.

And that's all, from here we will take the lead and make sure you get exactly what you wanted to your complete satisfaction ...


Terms and Conditions:

The renewal or exchange service is only possible after receiving the old item.

The silk condition of the returned item does not matter... the item can be worn, torn, disassembled, or any condition as long as all the item components like pearls, crystals and gems are in proper condition and available for our use.

That's it, no more terms and conditions or restrictions ...

The service is open to any customer who owns one of our items and it does not matter if you bought in person or received a gift from your loved ones ...

There is also no need for an invoice or any other proof of purchase, Even if you obtained our items elsewhere in Israel or with our representative anywhere else in the world, the renewal & exchange service is provided to anyone who has the item in their possession.

And yes, the service is not limited in any way, and you can activate the service as many times as you like…

It is important to us that you will fully enjoy the use of our items and without fear of harm, so you are welcome to contact our customer service on any subject and we guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure that your smile will always remain.

Just as the title promises: 100% guarantee on your satisfaction.


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