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We started working with silk in order to find a creative solution for women who have sensitive skin Issues and especially for those who are skin sensitivity to metals. I know the chains look like gold or silver or bronze, but it does not have metal at all, the necklace is made of durable silk thread.

Although the necklace has a very metallic look, the sensation is Light and airy, soft and pleasant.

What started as a small corner in the shop has won a great success and has become our most recognized trademark and today is our leading product.

From all the Silk collection, the "open silk necklace" is our bestselling item. The necklace is made of one single line of high-quality silk threads that have been knitted together with crystals and Pearls in various combinations.

There are so many shapes and color combinations so each item has its own special character and you can find your favorite combination… and if you did not find what you were looking for, call us and we will make one special for you.

All the work is done by hand, so the length varies slightly from item to item and is usually between 110 cm to 120 cm (handmade, no two identical works, We try to aim to 115 cm).

3in1 silk necklace
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