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Published in Haaretz newspaper as part of a review of the most unique businesses in Tel Aviv.

Abramson Gallery - silk jewelry

Inna Abramson, jewelry designer and owner of the Abramson Gallery in Old Jaffa, talks about the uniqueness that lies in the creation of silk jewelry that is a creative solution for those who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies.

"How can it be made of silk, the chain looks exactly like a gold chain", this is usually the reaction of gallery visitors who are exposed to my silk jewelry for the first time", says with a smile Inna Abramson, jewelry designer and owner of "Gallery Abramson", which has been operating for more than ten years In old Jaffa, Tel Aviv. "There is something magical about silk jewelry. In their light touch on the body, in the pleasant texture, the low weight and especially in the huge variety of color combinations. Silk jewelry is suitable for everyone, including women who can only wear jewelry without metal, due to sensitivity or allergy. These women suddenly discover a whole world that is now accessible to them as well, and they can adorn themselves with fashion jewelry without fear of skin irritation or discomfort."

DIANA Blue lava stones
2 models sitting on the platform wearing silk necklaces

The most associated item with the Abramson Gallery is the silk necklaces from the "Silk open necklace Collection" - a silk necklace that is knitted by hand and can be worn around the neck in various forms like a scarf. The chain is long enough so that it allows design freedom, and it can be adapted to any look and worn differently every time. Inna says that there are women who choose to place it as an ornament in their hair, others wear it on the waist.

"As soon as they realize that the necklace doesn't get tangled like a gold or silver necklace and you can do whatever you want with it, the necklace becomes a tool for personal expression so that everyone wears it according to their personal style. Silk is one of the strongest materials on the plant, so you can mess with it without fear, the necklace is durable for Many years," continues Inna. "The Open necklace is very popular; women really get attached to it. This is why we have a personal renewal service even after several years of use and adapt it to changing trends. The necklaces are crocheted with gems, pearls, Swarovski crystals or silver & gold plating decorations. They can be replaced, changed, or upgraded and even do a kind of trade-in. Return your old silk necklace and get another one in its place at a very low cost."

Inna says that the idea to focus on "silk jewelry" was born out of a desire to find a proper solution for women who have delicate skin that is sensitive to irritation, and especially for those who suffer from metal allergies. The goal was to find a strong and durable material that would also look like gold or silver, but actually contain no metal at all. The use of silk threads is a great solution because it creates the exact illusion of a gold or silver chain without the use of metal. What began in a side corner of the gallery became Abramson's unique hallmark, and today the silk jewelry is the main attraction to the gallery.

Apart from the unique silk jewelry, she also designs other jewelry, such as: earrings and bracelets in a variety of materials, with the common denominator for all of them being their creativity and colors. Moreover, every woman, of any age, will be able to find a piece of jewelry in the gallery that matches her style and lifestyle. "There are customers who come to purchase, for example, a gift for their partner and their eye catches an earring, bracelet or necklace that are also suitable for a mother, daughter or mother-in-law. The range of designs, the combinations of stones or the fact that there are also silver-based and gold-plated jewelry opens up a multitude of possibilities."

A model displays a silk necklace wrapped around her arm

"I started displaying my first items about 15 years ago at a stand in the Tel Aviv port, I participated in designer markets and the "Creator's Streets" events in Jerusalem, and after several years, when more and more customers became enthusiastic about the jewelry, I decided to open my gallery in Old Jaffa Tel-Aviv. Today in our store in Old Jaffa and on the website, there is Silk Jewelry combined with stones or decorations, and there are also those that combine silver and gold plating for women who do not suffer from special sensitivity."

3 models wearing silk jewelry against a river background

Although many years have passed since she discovered the world of jewelry, even today she continues to design and prepare with her own hands the collections she presents on the website and in the store, but now after training a team that works alongside her to meet the demand, she has expanded and produces for stores and customers in Israel and abroad.

"Many women say that their silk necklaces have become identified with them and are an integral part of their appearance at events, outings, and even in the workplace. It is precisely thanks to this personal relationship that I am more than happy to be at their disposal at any time. I feel obligated to them not only at the time of purchase, but also if something is damaged in jewelry and certainly when they want to make a personal adjustment or upgrade it to something that matches the changing fashion.

"Every time customers come into the store, I know we are doing something right, not only in terms of the design and quality of the jewelry, but also in providing the service, in building the personal relationship and trust. It is a tremendous satisfaction," concludes Inna.

The artist Inna Abramson stands in front of the gallery in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv


Address: Ruslan 6, Tayelet mifratz shlomo st', Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Phone: 972 522 335 997




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