Terms and condition

All Silk items are the same price,


Silk Necklace -  $ 75

Silk bracelet (with 3 lines) -  $ 47

Silk bracelet (with 2 lines) -  $ 36

Short earring -  $ 32

Long earring -  $ 43


About the "Silk Open Necklace length:

The Necklaces length is between 115 cm to 125 cm

(We try to be in the 120 cm area....)

If you want a longer or shorter please specify the desired length.

Since all necklaces are hand made, there is always a little difference in length...


We send the items by registered mail through the post office in Israel. Shipping in the mail comes up to 2-3 weeks. 

The shipping cost is the normal rate of the post office,

we do not charge extra.


We can also send in a quick way like EMS or FedEx service, (which comes out more expensive)

The price for such a delivery is about $ 50 and the package comes in 5-8 days.


We look forward to your order

Thank you, 


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