Simple to use and beautiful to look at.

The new reality forces us to adapt to new conditions and in many cases we are required to wear a face mask wherever we go. The perfect solution for holding your face mask.

Make your life easier and more beautifulKeeps your mask available at all times. Hanging on your neck, the mask is ready to use ...

Handmade in silk knitting with combinations of freshwater pearls and original Swarovski crystals.


Without metal, light as a feather and almost imperceptible. Weighs only 4 grams ... you will not feel it at all. The length of the necklace is about 80 cm. Convenient to operate, easy to replace mask, suitable for all types of face masks.


Bonus ...

After the "corona time" is over, you can continue to use the item as a versatile necklace that can be worn in many different styles .... yes, also as a bracelet.


The necklace is not made of metal,

It's just looks metallic but in fact there is no metal in it at all ...   It is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies.


The entire necklace is made of strong silk threads and along which are knitted freshwater pearls and Swarovski original crystals.

At the ends of the chain are attached 2 clasps which can be attached to the lace mask face.


All work is done by hand, which is why we can make custom adjustments upon personal request. If you have any special requests that can help make this gift more personal for you ... We will be happy to fulfill your wish ...


*Please note that since all work is done by hand, there may be a deviation of 20 mm in the dimensions indicated on the item above.

*The mask is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the package.

Face mask Holder - Freshwater pearls

$35.00 Regular Price
$29.75Sale Price
  • Silk thread color: Gold Or Silver Or Bronze

    Knitted along the Silk thred: Freshwater pearls

    Clasps: Gold/Silver plated or Bronze color

    Length: 80 cm (31.5 Inch)