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silk necklace with leaves

"The most versatile necklace I've ever owned, I really love that you can use the open necklace as a scarf, it's so easy to change its look every time. This is by far my most useful item. Always fits every outfit exactly as I want..."

Adele - Berlin

silk necklace with leaves singel line

"It's just a genius idea, looks great, how come no one thought of it before. It's fun and easy to use.

because there is no metal in the chain, the necklace does not tangle at all and can be handled easily and without fear."

Carla - Madrid

long gold leaves silk jewelry

"Original handmade work of amazing quality, the silk threads are so strong and there is no metal in them at all, it's just wonderful.

This is my third necklace ... I get so many compliments... "

Maya - Kfar Saba

Open silk necklace with silver pearl 6.jpg

"I'm so glad I found you... I haven't been able to wear fashion jewelry for years because of skin problems and sensitivity to metals. Your product are perfect  for me.

thank you so much..."


Stephanie - Colorado

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